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State-by-State Opportunities

We help ambitious cannabis operators determine which states present the best opportunity for their business to establish operations in. We do this by helping our clients develop a highly sophisticated understanding of any state’s cannabis market. The analyses we develop highlight the overall potential of a state’s cannabis market, the strengths and weaknesses of existing operators in the state, the number of cannabis licenses the state appears likely to issue in the foreseeable future, the key factors that are evaluated in a state’s competitive licensing process, the estimated timeline for cannabis businesses to get operational once licensed, local and state tax policy considerations, the major regulatory challenges cannabis businesses in the state face, the potential for regulatory changes in the state in the coming years, the extent to which the state market will be impacted by interstate commerce and other key factors. In addition to identifying the states that provide the most compelling opportunities for expansion, we work with cannabis businesses to help them secure licenses, efficiently operationalize their businesses and start generating revenue.