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Leading Strategy Consultancy in Cannabis

Ananda Strategy is a strategy consultancy advising leading cannabis brands, retailers, technology businesses and venture capital funds across the United States, Canada and Western Europe.


Founded by Hirsh Jain



Hirsh Jain is the Founder of Ananda Strategy, a strategy consultancy advising leading cannabis brands, retailers, technology businesses and venture capital funds across the United States, Canada and Western Europe.

Featured Episode: Cannabis Investing Network

FEBRUARY 7, 2023


“In India, cannabis consumption has long been part of Hindu worship and Ayurvedic medical practice. According to ancient Vedic texts, the psychoactive herb was “a gift to the world from the god Shiva” – where the nectar of immortality landed on earth, cannabis sprang forth. Longevity and good health were attributed to this plant, which figured prominently in Indian social life as a recreant, a religious sacrament, and a household remedy. Hindu holy men smoked hashish and drank bhang (a cannabis-infused cordial) as an aid to devotion and meditation. Folk healers relied on cannabis, “the food of the gods” for relieving anxiety, lowering fevers, overcoming fatigue, enhancing appetite, improving sleep, clearing phlegm, and a plethora of other medical applications. Cannabis flower tops were said to sharpen the intellect and impel the flow of words. “So grand a result, so tiny a sin”, the Vedic wise men concurred. There are no less than fifty Sanskrit names for cannabis, all praising its attributes …”

- Martin Lee

Our Services

Services Offered

Ananda Strategy offers a wide range of cannabis strategy consulting services to help you navigate and succeed in the ever evolving industry.

Retail Expansion

Ananda Strategy has helped entitle more than 50 of the 1300 dispensaries in California, including many of the highest-grossing retail outlets in the state. We work with many of the state’s leading cannabis retailers to identify the most strategic license opportunities, win competitive licenses, entitle the business and begin retail operations.

Brand Development

Ananda Strategy helps brands establish leading positions within their category in specific states by helping these brands build enduring, trusted relationships with the state’s leading retail businesses. We also help brands enter new states, identify suitable supply chain partners and navigate the unique regulatory and market dynamics each state presents.

MSA's & Acquisitions

Ananda Strategy helps cannabis operations establish Managed Services Agreements (MSAs) with other cannabis operators to drive mutually beneficial business outcomes. We also help facilitate the strategic acquisition of cannabis businesses by other cannabis businesses.

Raising Capital

Drawing from our extensive network of cannabis investors and family offices engaged in the cannabis space, Ananda Strategy helps connect leading cannabis brands and retailers to capital providers aligned with their vision. We have helped cannabis operators efficiently and successfully navigate the fund raising process so that they can realize the vision of their business.

Ballot Initiatives

Ananda Strategy has helped draft local and state ballot initiatives to expand legal cannabis access, organize signature collection efforts and lead campaign strategy. We served on the Steering Committee of Proposition 207 in Arizona, the Los Angeles Equity Fund Initiative and numerous other cannabis ballot measures.

Market Analysis

Ananda Strategy provides cannabis operators and investors with a rigorous understanding of local and state cannabis markets to inform their strategic decision-making. This typically includes a market’s size, growth prospects, licensing structure, regulatory constraints, major players, and competitive dynamics.

Expert Witness

Hirsh Jain of Ananda Strategy regularly serves as an Expert Witness in cannabis litigation, speaking specifically to the evolving local, state and federal regulatory landscape for cannabis and the market dynamics in individual cannabis markets across the United States.

Company Diligence

Ananda Strategy provides cannabis operators, capital providers and ancillary businesses with extensive diligence and analysis on specific operators in the cannabis space. This analysis typically includes the company’s footprint, performance by asset, performance by state, competitive market position, future growth prospects, management quality, and potential regulatory risks.

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